A Safe Space With Horses

Equitots offers Equine Assisted Intervention & Facilitator Training to a variety of population groups. 

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We provide a safe space for the whole family, where children can play and be themselves

Mums can de-stress and if need be, unload 

We take good care and we laugh - A LOT

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In This Good Space We Do a Lot of Different Things Together...

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We Care for Ponies


We Spend Time With Them

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We Ride Them

While Doing This...


We build life skills

We are curious and explore

We communicate

We touch and balance

We learn school stuff

We are friends

We are Equitots


We Allow Room for People to Figure Things Out, No Matter Their...



Ability or disability

Social status





In This Safe Space, Our Dedicated Facilitators Stand By To...





Laugh...a lot


How Do We Do It?


We look at our clients holistically

We treat each person as an individual

We see everyone as perfect in this moment in time

We allow for space and productive struggle

We step into the realm of faith

We love and nurture                          

Learn More About...

What We've Achieved


We have provided over 50,000 sessions since 2010

We have never had "therapy horse burnout" 

We have trained a variety of facilitators from different walks of life and offer ongoing support through our membership program

We have continuously grown in size and skill

We've taken care to grow carefully

We have developed our own facilitator training program

We have developed our own mobile app to manage client data, horse data, location data, and make reporting and record keeping as easy as possible