Our Services 

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Equitots offers Equine Assisted Learning sessions to individuals who require alternative approaches to learning and development. 

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Equine Assisted Learning Sessions


What to Expect

Equitots sessions are typically client led. In the presence of a trained facilitator children can be themselves, play and explore around the horses at their own pace without any performance pressure.

We do a lot of different things together. Caring and spending time with ponies allows opportunities to build life skills, ask and explore, communicate, touch and balance, learn academics, and be friends. 


What do I need to bring along for a sesson?

  • Closed shoes

  • Long pants (like leggings or skinny jeans)

  • Hard hat (sometimes we have the right size available to borrow)

  • Sunscreen in summer

  • Rain protection in winter

 Facilitator Training and Membership Support


Facilitator Training 

To become an Equitots Facilitator we offer:

  • 2 Day Introduction Workshops

Our comprehensive weekend workshop is a wonderful window into the dynamics of the Equitots Model and Equine Facilitated Learning. It is also the entry point to access certification through mentoring as well as ongoing training and support.

  • 6 Months Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program provides more detailed training and allows you to practice and grow under supervision.


Membership Support 

If you have completed your training you have the option to sign up with our Membership Program which will give you:

  • Access to our Mobile App

  • IT support

  • PR and Marketing

  • Safe Networking Platform

  • Daily Data Feedback

  • Self Development